Monday, October 3, 2011

<- - - 10,000 Page Views in sight

I added a Page View Counter Gadget and decided to write this post and take a moment for Reflection. It's been 9 months, and as far as this parent is concerned, it's gonna be a healthy 10k baby blog soon! AND the line chart, kind of matches the Jackson Hole skyline in the Header, or maybe those tree shadows in its lower left...LOL

Leave a comment to enter the adhoc drawing. Last comment before 10,000 and first after get spinners in their mailbox.

If you hit 10,000 on the head, be sure to mention it, it could mean more swag!.

Here's a few screenshots from blogger stats along with my shoot from the hip commentary.

Profile of Mount Noise - the views are great!

2k Peak in July and not quite 10k today, but NOTL is gonna be a 14er someday! That's 'Noise On The Line'.


Spinner Drawings and Designs, How to's, and Carvings

Giveaway participation was less then expected, but all the winners and spinners are happy and out fishing! Page Views keep ratcheting up for drawings as far back as February, even now.


My Thanks to Ivan Shishkin and his tree paintings for the northern Asia visitor interest.  Ivan Shiskin - That boy could paint a tree

We'll get by with a little help from our Friends (and Google).

Michael at Troutrageous gets MVP (good luck fishing T!oday).

There you have it. and Thank-you OBN!

PS. Oh yeah, check out the tabs on top. They're connectors and link lists to past posts in case you missed some.

The views are great IMO! (is that being sel- fish?)

And the Fish Creek Spinner website is always good for a few clicks!

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John Delaney said...

Made it over the milestone today! Time to raise the bar.