Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September drawing - Archery theme spinners

Five entrants; 3 bloggers, 1 FE forum guy and 1 WashingtonLakes forum guy.

Four Seasons Angler blogger won the Random.org lucky integer 5.

Thanks everyone for entering and best of luck with the spinners to the winner.    I'll be in contact for a mailing address.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Here's the drawing spinners for September. In the spirit of the season, these are a one of a kind custom build made from aluminum camo arrow shafts, brass bullet weights, and gun blue nickel beads.

Two big 1oz spinners for larger fish - fresh or saltwater - your choice of species. Six inches plus in length.

Muskie Arrows
I cut the body shafts from aluminum camo arrows, then centered them on the stainless wire using 1/4in black nickel beads inside the arrow tube, for noisy rattle against the shaft.

One has a natural white and brown bucktail tied on a #2/0 treble, the other is a brown and white silicon starflash skirt over a #2/0 treble hook.

Big #7 Gold Willowleaf blades for lots of strobe.

Both hooks are splitring attached if you want to change them out.

Comment the blog post to enter the drawing to be held in early October.

If using anonymous, leave an email address or a forum and ID so I can contact you if you win the drawing.

Sometimes, depending on participation, additional prizes can show up. Good luck!

Dont forget the FishFrosty 38% discount code. It's good for everything in the web store and active now until 11/11/11.

Fish Creek Spinners web store

Here's the blog post that introduced the yearend special and some screenshots on how to enter it.


BrookfieldAngler said...

I thought you were done with giveaways for the year! Guess I was wrong. Color me IN

John Delaney said...

Yeah, I thought so to, then remembered it was hunting season and I had the Archery and Hunting theme spinner designs, too good to hang on too!

How's that new little guy doing? Landon right? My grandson Landon was over today - 2 1/2 years old. Had him doing the happy dance on some packing bubble wrap, what a hoot! Good Luck, btw!

Anonymous said...

Big D from WL.com says: Wow, those look great. Please, count me in.

BrookfieldAngler said...

Well you won't hear me complaining!

Yep..Landon. He is doing good. We are still adjusting a bit to the lack of sleep/hungry every 2 hour thing, but we are managing and for the most part, enjoying every second of it.

Those little bubble wrap moments are the ones I can't wait for. To watch a child look at the world in such amazement and purity is just awesome.

Anonymous said...

ChrisNM from FE would love to try those here in New Mexico. FCS does some really nice work.

Ben said...

Those look like old easton arrows I used to use. 2317 I think the size was.

John Delaney said...

Ben, could be, I bought a batch of about 50 at Mile High for $5. One of those 'now what I do with these' moments. Loaded with buckshot sized nickel beads, they make a nice noisy spinner body.

The Four Season Angler said...

The Four Season Angler is in. Good looking blog you got here too! *subscribed*

BrookfieldAngler said...

DAMN YOU FSA!!!! LOL congrats!!

Nako said...

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