Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ultra-Flash mini-cowbell

Here's a new concept Heliographic flasher from Fish Creek Spinners.

I expect this flash will signal predatory fish from far range and send the timid ones packing!

Here it is in the test tank, notice the pink/purple lightening-like light dancing on the glass walls.

It brought the neighbor kids from two houses down, over to see it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September drawing - Archery theme spinners

Five entrants; 3 bloggers, 1 FE forum guy and 1 WashingtonLakes forum guy.

Four Seasons Angler blogger won the lucky integer 5.

Thanks everyone for entering and best of luck with the spinners to the winner.    I'll be in contact for a mailing address.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Here's the drawing spinners for September. In the spirit of the season, these are a one of a kind custom build made from aluminum camo arrow shafts, brass bullet weights, and gun blue nickel beads.

Two big 1oz spinners for larger fish - fresh or saltwater - your choice of species. Six inches plus in length.

Muskie Arrows
I cut the body shafts from aluminum camo arrows, then centered them on the stainless wire using 1/4in black nickel beads inside the arrow tube, for noisy rattle against the shaft.

One has a natural white and brown bucktail tied on a #2/0 treble, the other is a brown and white silicon starflash skirt over a #2/0 treble hook.

Big #7 Gold Willowleaf blades for lots of strobe.

Both hooks are splitring attached if you want to change them out.

Comment the blog post to enter the drawing to be held in early October.

If using anonymous, leave an email address or a forum and ID so I can contact you if you win the drawing.

Sometimes, depending on participation, additional prizes can show up. Good luck!

Dont forget the FishFrosty 38% discount code. It's good for everything in the web store and active now until 11/11/11.

Fish Creek Spinners web store

Here's the blog post that introduced the yearend special and some screenshots on how to enter it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Perry County, PA brook trout

Just got some pictures from a customer fishing in Perry County, Pennsylvania.

Nice healthy looking fish, taken from great looking water. Looks like they were using 1/8oz glass Armadillo's on these pictures; the F118 Gold - Red and Orange, and an F102 Black Swing

Thanks for the pictures and testimonial!

John, Been wanting too send these for awhile now. These are from northern pa.  My wife and I hit them pretty hard that day, and caught 35 between us. Thank you for a great product.

It's a good time to think about restocking or trying some FCS. 

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Brook Trout carving with fly

Making hundreds of identical spinners puts me in a relaxing zone, where the mindless repetition occupies my hands and conscious mind, but free my subconscious to wander. 

Still occasionally, the tedium kicks in. Every now and then, I need to come up for air, and look around the work space for inspiration.

Here's one of the many artifacts positioned around the place, that gives me a jump start and refuels my creative energy. 

This one's a brook trout carving, a gift from my son Ben. 

He created this incredible art, from a chunk of wood and a piece of rock, tying the fly and attaching it with a peacock herl, to let it dance in front of the trout. 

The brookies eyes are glass. He did the base paint with vinyl paints and accented spots and detail with sharpies, coating the finished piece with epoxy.

The rock base is a piece of Colorado marble, that I collected on a field trip to the mine.

Thanks for the incredible gift and the inspiration it carries, Ben!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

FishFrosty 38% discount online promotion code

I was reviewing this years sales volumes and noticed the Online sales are in position to set a new high water mark. I just need to do something to help influence a buying decision.

Armadillo Lineup

Sooo, to help raise the bar for online market presence and foster brand recognition, here's the deal.

FishFrosty is a shopping code worth a 38% discount. It's good on everything in the Fish Creek webstore from now thru 11/11/11. Oh well, time flys. That discount expired unused..

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format! You may find a discount code lurking around in a slideshow.

If you've been thinking about trying FCS or need to restock after the seasons action, this code saves you some bucks and puts some shiny stuff in your mailbox, tacklebox, and hopefully on your fishing line in your favorite waters.

All good things.

FishFrosty is the code to use during checkout, now through 11/11/11 (these spinners make great holiday gifts for your fishing friends too).

Here's a few screen shots; A typical Shopping cart (10 spinners @3.25 ea) - Entering the code during checkout  - The discount adjusted invoice (10 spinners @2.01 ea).

Cart before checkout
Promotion code entry during checkout - on the shipping address collection page
Be sure to enter the Promotion code 

Invoice adjusted for discount

We ship'em, you cast'em
We put'em in the mail, you put'em in the water!

Visit the FishFrosty webstore and enter the code during checkout to get adjusted prices.

It's a good deal, just sayin!