Sunday, August 21, 2011

Forever Fishin Doug - Washington Tiger Muskie on Hula Girl

Doug Porter author of the Forever Fishing Washington State blog (and a persistent FCS slinger), caught this 41.5 inch tiger at Merwin Reservoir in Eastern Washington on a Fish Creek Hula Girl spinner.

Thanks for sharing the pictures Doug!

Don't it make you want to go Muskie FishIN?

Muskie In ... the Net!

Muskie In ... the Boat!

Muskie In ... the Hand. Ouch!

Muskie Back in ... the Water!

This Tiger Muskie was caught on a black and brass Hula girl spinner like this one.

Here's another Washington Muskie caught early this year with a similar Hula spinner on the West side of Washington by Dean Pratt, fishing with Yankin Jaw Guide Service.

This one with Nickel Colorado blades

1oz Black and Silver Hula Spinner that caught the western Washington Tiger Muskie

Get em' in the water and they bring back fish! My thanks to both anglers for sharing their successes.

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