Friday, August 12, 2011

August drawing - Season Finale

Here's todays drawing entries and outcome -

Entry NoIDSourceOutcome
9The NothingBloggerWinner

Nine total entries from three fishing forums, with three bloggers in the drawing this month.

'The Nothing' from website Yak Fish won this months set of spinners, coming in under the wire to enter last night! I'll get an email off to him to get mailing information. Stop by his blog to see how the spinners did after he gets them wet!

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Thanks everyone for your participation. Although I was thinking this was the last drawing this year, I may do a batch of archery and bullet spinners as hunting season approaches to finish off the year with a blast!

Stop back and signup.

Package will integrate some duolock enhancements.

August drawing lures.

1oz Fluor Orange Dinnerbell Squid with a perch skirt - #2/0 treble
2oz+ Fluor Orange closed loop Spinnerbait - Buzz blade with Gold main blade
1/2oz Skirt chaser/leader/lure - Gold Blade - Natural Bucktail - #2 treble

Comment the blog post to enter. If you use Anonymous, you must leave a Forum with Forum ID or an email address to be in order to participate and be contacted if you win. If omitted, the entry won't be included.

Wait it out if you're feelin lucky and want some big spinners for free - if not, use the AUGBLOG code in the webstore at checkout to get a 35% discount on your orders. Good for everything and anything in the store - now til August 31st. 35% is like - if you buy 3, 1 of them was free.

Seems the chance for free stuff is intriguing, sooo. Every $25+ order using the code will get some free stuff. Fishing stuff that is. I'm not going to send you some old telephone cords or old remotes (got plenty of them though).

You might get sweet unusual spinners, you might get spoons, you might get something custom.

Roll the dice, for a surprise in your mailbox!


Anonymous said...

Muskies want to eat these. Seanod from FE

smeese said...

Muskies will destroy those delicious looking baits....smeese from hotspot outdoors

Anonymous said...

them are some good looking muskie baits. manleyfisher from FE

Mark said...

Bet those would also catch a bass or three.

BrookfieldAngler said...

Here fishy fishy!!!

Anonymous said...

NMFISHN from FE will never turn down a muskie lure raffle! FCS ROCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those look like some great musky baits.
bhunt63 from WA Lakes

Manuel said...

These look like just the thing for a monster pike!!!! Manuel from FE.

Unknown said...

mmmm... I know a few Tiger's that wouldn't see those coming!

John Delaney said...

'The Nothing' entered yesterday, coming in just under the wire to win this months set of spinners!

Thanks to all participants and Congratulations to the Winner!

Anonymous said...

flykid from FE would love to troll these in a muskie lake

Levi Bryde said...
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