Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walleye's from Lake of the Woods - Minnesota

I started promoting and offering our products in Minnesota on the HotSpots forum, also known as

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The noisy Armadillo's catch walleye around here from the bank, but I added a couple of options to them to bridge the gap for larger waters where trolling bait is the norm. We rig them with crawler harnesses or 2 hook minnow rigs.

Interested parties in SD and MN are fishing them and providing feedback. Here's the pictures of some nice walleyes that were caught in northern Minnesota in Lake of the Woods. These were caught on trolled Armadillo's with the crawler harness.

Pretty good feedback and amazing what a hook change can do for a noisyArmadillo trout spinner.

Thanks for getting them in the water and the pictures Jeff!

Noise on the Line!

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