Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trail Ridge Parkway to Grand Lake

OBN has solicited a writing prompt on Summer traditions. Here's mine.

Each summer I renew our annual National Parks Pass at one of Rocky Mountain National Park's Ranger Stations, usually in July after the 4th holiday. I guess its become a summer tradition!

Marie and I got Sable and Eli out of bed early and into the car headed into Rocky Mountain National Park, over Trail Ridge to enjoy a Grand Lake lunch (and sell a few spinners).

It's a beautiful time in the Rockies. There's still lots of snow and the runoff leaves big white snow fields. Each beautifully bordered with gray rocks and emerging wild flowers and multi-colored green tundra.

Snow fields and blue Colorado skies
 The runoff was everywhere

But still a lot of work to do!

Rocky Mountain ice cream sandwich anyone?

Many a happy survivor was out to greet the Colorado sun and the stream of visitors on Trail Ridge Parkway.

We saw and heard pika

and many a relaxing marmot,

Elk are back on top in numbers, silhouetted against snow fields (my favorite!)  

and even a cow moose headed across a far side meadow, before the Kawaneche Visitor Center.

Had lunch in Grand Lake and even sold a batch spinners to a new customer at a bait shop in Grand Lake

Made it back to Estes valley in time to watch the sunset over the Divide.

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Unknown said...

what a beautiful hike! That is great. Thanks for sharing your traditions :)