Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strikes n Spares

Lately, I've been thinking about all the joys of fishing, the outdoors, and mostly fish. Maybe its all the runoff that's delayed my canyon fishing.

Anyway, as I was exercising my brain, I started thinking about the ways we anglers interact with our esteemed favorite species and had to pause.

We net them. We bait them on hooks. We imitate their food with elaborate feathers, hair and plastic on hooks while fly fishing. We imitate their prey on hooks - spinners, lures, flatfish, spinnerbaits and spoon fishing. Lets not forget we snag and spear them.

So being a sensitive guy, I decided to try to think of some other form of interaction. Something fun for me and the fish. So I built this custom spinner called the XRStrike.

This is a work in progress, but I intend to test it out as soon as I can.

I'll use XRStrike in a game I just invented called Strikes n Spares. Maybe Fish Bowling or Fish Tag? Guess there's still time to figure that part out. Catching on? Oops, I meant Catching off?

Anyway, here's how Strikes n Spares works.

As you can see the hooks been replaced with a large split ring. Why you ask? The splitring gives the fish something to chomp into, without getting hooked. Will they spit it out or run with it? Game on!

I get a point for each sighted strike and two points for more than one sighted strike in the same hole. 5 points for a confirmed same fish 2nd strike. No catch and keep. No catch and release. No catch, just Strike.

My money says the large splitring ought to make a strike recognizable. Sound right?

I get to wade and walk my favorite streams and rivers, improving my casting while enticing reaction strikes without the stress and time consuming landings of catch and release. What's the score going to end up at?

I know it sounds radical, almost comical. Oh alright, comical.

In any case, I know the fish will Strike and I'll get that enticing jolt and I expect with practice, we'll both enjoy the Spare part too.

As the game catches off, with practice, they might improve their strike and run durations, and get in better shape. No photo ops, but oh well.

I'm anxious to test whether I get multiple strikes from the same fish or not. What ya think?

Spoof or Proof? Should I bring XRStrike along next trip to the water, or put a treble on it?

If I form a pro Strikes n Spares team, guess what we'll call the team?

How about the 'Fish Creek Spinners' LOL.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and check out it's new format!


Anonymous said...

Ok, good minds at work during runoff times often come up with great ideas. I am thinking it would be fun to try the game. Surely don't have anything to lose. Not the fish, the spinner, whatever! No still pictures, but, maybe some good video would work. Catch and Release at it's simplest form.

John Delaney said...

Concept is flawless! Fish hit XR many times on single retrieve, and again on next cast. I think they liked it or really wanted it to go away.

I recommend this method for young anglers learning to cast in streams and some of us old guys who have unhooked more then our share, who still enjoy the jolt of a strike and a walk in the woods.

Michael Agneta said...

I really like that idea. Very interesting concept.