Saturday, July 9, 2011

Northwoods adventure

Marie and I dropped off the grandkids in Eau Claire, WI and headed north into Musky country.

Was I surprised at the size the spinners took up here. Our Dinnerbells and Hula Girls were dwarfed by most muskie baits hanging on the shop walls.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Apparently Musky's hit smaller spinners in the spring and our timing was great. US made alternatives are always appreciated and forunately, our designs were unique and our prices were agreeable. We sold every Muskie spinner I brought along (about 100) and every other spinner as well, to many a happy tackleshop owner.

A lot of miles and a safe trip filled with plenty of views and memories. Successful adventure and fun trip.

Here's a map of our new retail customers in the region, followed by a few pictures of tackleshops we sold to along the way. I'll write up specific businesses as I locate their pictures and get the ok to post an article.

First sale in Musky Country - Ray's Landing Saint Germain, WI
When I asked Ray where the spinners would be fished, he said, "There's 1500 lakes around here, and they all got Musky's". I'll be calling Ray again!

Leaving Copper Harbor, MI enroute to Cornucopia, WI we sold some Trout spinners to Strong's General Store in Eckerman, MI. They take their July 4th holiday seriously in the UP!

Last one for this post - Marie and I spent a couple marvelous days in Siskiwit bay on Lake Superior. Watching lightening over the lake at night and walking sandy beaches during the day. Great relaxation at the Fo'c'sle Inn B&B (The Inn warrants a separate post!). I sold spinners and some trolling cowbells to this quaint marina bait shop in Cornucopia, WI.

This was a very successful and enjoyable trip. The grandkids loved their time with family and Marie and I enjoyed the time together on our roadtrip getaway.

The Northwoods and Lake Superior were incredible and we can't wait to get back on the road again!

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