Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Muskie spinner drawing

July Muskie Spinner drawing

*** Update August 1, 2011 ***

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19 entries in the July drawing from forums, blogs, and google. 9 from, 4 from, 2 from, 2 Bloggers, and 2 emails.

Two integer drawings on

Drawing 1 winning number

Drawing 2 winning number

6goneFrogginfeDraw1 winner
14dblood1974walakesDraw 2 winner

Congrats to gonefroggin and dblood1974 for winning the July Muskie spinners!

Gonefroggin from gets first pick, dblood1974 from gets second set.

Here's the July drawing for a couple nice Muskie spinners. Depending on participation, additional pairs will be added as prizes as needed.

Take your Pick of 2 Prism Eyes or

A Hula Girl and a Prism Eye
2 Dinnerbell Prism Eyes (Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Orange) each 1oz
1 Hula Girl double bladed 1oz Silicon skirt spinner
1 Dinnerbell Prism eye 1oz Silicon skirt spinner

Both are about 7 inches in length, and have a stacked #2/0 treble hook riding low in the skirt.

What's unique about our skirted muskie spinners going forward? Well, we're always looking to improve our products and based on comments recieved this year from customers and muskie pro's on a recent northern Wisconsin sales trip. These spinners will reap the benefit of this years lessons learned, now!

According to the Wisconsin guys, they cut a lot of hooks and wanted the capability to change out hooks and save a spinner. The skirted spinners will have a removable treble attached with a #3 duo lock swivel (good to 35#). This swivel allows the hook to quickly be removed from the spinner if a fish is hooked bad where hook removal would cause too much stress or exchanged for a different hook based on preference. Because its attached with a duo-lock, you can reuse the spinner by attaching a new treble or duo-locked treble, depending on what was cut.

The second benefit of this hook attachment, is that the skirt can easily be changed. Just remove the swivel and hook, slide the current skirt off over it's mount and the spinners tail loop, and replace it with a different color or a replacement skirt if the current skirt is chewed up and worn.

Exchangable skirts and hooks. Pretty good improvement. It's still up to you to avoid those hidden snags though, lol.

Comment to enter the drawing to be held in early August. Anonymous entries need to supply an email or forum ID in the comment to be valid entries.

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spokey9 said...

Sweet lures! i'm on

Anonymous said...

NMFishn from Fish Enchantment is a Muskie maniac and would love to have some of those to chuck at out NM Tiger Muskies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Flicker from Fish Enchantment

Anonymous said...

Seanod from Fish Enchantment - those look sweet!!

Manuel said...

Manuel at fish enchantment needs more gear!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

GoneFroggin from FishEnchantment. Great looking muskie spinners, FCS!!

Anonymous said...

bhunt63 from Great looking spinners can't wait to try them.

Anonymous said...

Teal101 from WA Lakes would love to try these out on some NW Tiger Muskies!

Anonymous said...

I got a brand new rig and nothing heavy enough to throw but rapalas. Would love to take these spinners for a test drive.
StenenL @

Anonymous said...

I need to catch a big muskie on these! Mariposa @

Anonymous said...

flykid on would love to throw fish creeks at tigers

Anonymous said...

sdriver1 on

Had a pair of these and already lost 1. No fish yet, but they are AWESOME spinners.

BrookfieldAngler said...


Anonymous said...

Those look great...would love to have a big tiger on the end of one of them!

Dblood1974 at

Anonymous said...

I used a Dinnerbell Prism Eye in Green with an olive shirt last weekend, 45" Tiger Muskie hammered it twice with evil intent. They definatly work well! Our Muskie Club is just now getting a chance to try Fish Creek Spinners and the first report is thumbs up. We were fishing in Mayfield Lake, WA. in the "Jack Tipping Classic" where 50"+ muskies roam.

>:"":> >:"":> "Forever Fishing Washington State" Blog.

John Delaney said...

Keep the comments coming in, 7 days left in the drawing!

Andrew said...

Great looking spinners!! I love to throw some flashy stuff at the big pike and muskies!!

Powerstroke on

Anonymous said...

hope i win-flykid.

smeese said...

smeese on loves these!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Smisek

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the interchangeable skirts.

Ben Hanson

BrookfieldAngler said...

I was SO close!!! Congrats to the winners!