Monday, June 6, 2011

June Assortment Drawing - Walleye spinners

Fish Creek Walleye spinners

Update 7/7/2011 

Seventeen entries

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Two winners - 

The gods favor New Mexico this month. That's a Fish Enchantment forum grand slam, if I've ever seen one! Even going to the same address. Way to go Matt and Leah! Spinners on the way tomorrow. 

1MikeWL.comTry again
2Big DWL.comTry again
3Trout MageeBloggerTry again
4AndrewBloggerTry again
6ManuelFE.comTry again
7flykidFE.comTry again
9sdriver1FE.comTry again
10kittlehunterFE.comTry again
11T-RoutFE.comTry again
12WalleyeGuyFishingMNTry again
13gringoWL.comTry again
14trappingaddictionFishingMNTry again
15bhunt63WL.comTry again
16BrookfieldAnglerBloggerTry again
17moose-hunterFishingMNTry again

Update 7/4/2011 - On vacation visiting family and will have the drawing on July 8th. Stop by again.

Here's a picture of a walleye caught on the orange Armadillo with the worm harness.
 Here's an assortment of some walleye spinners up for grabs.

Comment the blog post to enter the drawing - if you enter as anonymous, leave a forum and ID or email addr.

From bottom
1/5oz Siver White and Red Glass Armadillo - Double hook rig
1/8oz Orange and Gold Glass Armadillo - Crawler harness
1/8oz Worm Bling - Gold Prop with prism eyes on glass - Crawler harness
1/8oz Worm Prop - Double hook rig

Need some Walleye pictures, btw!
3Trout MageeBlogger


Anonymous said...

quality looking geear as always, nice job John!

Mike at

Anonymous said...

Big D from says I got to get me some of those...

Trout MaGee said...

Those are some beauty set ups. Looking to catch a few walleye and those look like they would kick some butt. Nice Job.

Andrew said...

Some of my best walleye days have been trolling and casting spinners with a minnow or minnow head. I bet those would do well at landing a few Boundary Waters walleyes.

John Delaney said...

I've been to the boundary waters. My old man took me there for a high school graduation present canoe trip. Camped on Islands, portaged, and filleted walleyes on a canoe paddle.

Never forget the trip even though it was 1969. We've got some sweet pike gear for those river inlets too.

Maybe have a large spinner drawing next month.

Anonymous said...

NMFishn from says; I don't have any of those in my arsenal of FCS, I NEED EM FCS!!

Manuel said...

Manuel from says my walleye gear is very meager and these would change that. Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

i dont have any wall eye gear. change that for me fcs


Anonymous said...

ohh I could catch another monster walleye on these!


John Delaney said...

I saw a picture of that walleye! Looks like FishEnchantments got their guns on for this months drawing. Gonna get Noisy!

Anonymous said...

FCS spinners are the best, and I'm sure these Walleye spinners will get the job done just like the rest!

sdriver1 on

Anonymous said...

you could poke some eyes out with those lures nice job fcs

Anonymous said...

I used something similar to these in Lake Erie and did really well. We used live nightcrawlers on the end and drifted them on the bottom with a slight jigging action. Hopefully I can have the same success with these!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those are some unique spinners. it would be great to give them a whirl!
Walleye Guy on FishingMN

Anonymous said...

Headed to Merritt Reservoir in Central Nebraska a little over a month from now for some family time and walleye action. Bet those would give the locals a run for their money!
gringo pescador from

Anonymous said...

They look great! trappingaddiction from FM.

Anonymous said...

Great looking spinners.
bhunt63 from

BrookfieldAngler said...

Color me in for this one!! Maybe I can actually catch some eyes if I win this one

Anonymous said...

I really like the perch design you posted pictures of on FM. Couple that with live or dead bait and I think you'll have a REAL winner!

Moose-Hunter from FM