Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perch wanna be's

In the spirit of all the fishing country I intend to experience this summer, I built some special perch theme walleye spinners with assorted harnesses. Plan to get these in the water, for sure.

Take a look.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

There ought to be a blog post or two from various sales trips featuring these little beauties swimming around in bliss or nestled in a walleye lip!

I also intend to interview a few off the beaten path, bait and tackle shop owners and see where that goes.

Stay tuned!

New Hula spinners

42in Tiger Muskie caught on Hula Spinner yesterday

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Got an email that a Yankin Jaw Guide Service client caught a nice fish on the Hula Spinner yesterday. The fish was 42 inches long and weighed 20lbs. It was released.

The lucky angler was sent a spinner for this picture, so I'm able to share it along with a few pictures of this new spinner design with anyone stopping by the blog or website.

Here's the fish. Looks like it was a beautiful day on the water. The fish took the spinner on his third cast into a promising spot.

Now for a few pictures of various colors of the new spinner. It weighs one ounce. The Hula comes from two double Colorado blades and a stacked silicon starflash skirt. When I showed it to Marie, spinning it from my hand, she said it looked like a hula dancer. No more need to think of a name, whew. Thanks Marie!

The double blades are on separate clevises with an integrated bearing bead for smoother spin. The skirt hides a 1 inch PVC riser that extends the #2/0 treble hook
toward the break in the skirt. This avoids the need for a stinger rig.

We have about 10 colors and either brass or nickel, hammered or smooth blade variations. We're using Colorado and Indiana blades #5's and #6's.

This one caught the fish.

1oz Black and Silver Hula Spinner that caught the Tiger Muskie

Here's the brass cousin.

Few more colors, I like this one. Cream white, brown faceted glass with olive skirt and Brass Colorados.

Here's a purple and Smooth Brass Indiana version.

Last one, fluorescent Orange and hammered nickel

Just in time for a summer sales trips. Party on!

Monday, June 6, 2011

June Assortment Drawing - Walleye spinners

Fish Creek Walleye spinners

Update 7/7/2011 

Seventeen entries

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and checkout it's new format!

Two winners - 

The gods favor New Mexico this month. That's a Fish Enchantment forum grand slam, if I've ever seen one! Even going to the same address. Way to go Matt and Leah! Spinners on the way tomorrow. 

1MikeWL.comTry again
2Big DWL.comTry again
3Trout MageeBloggerTry again
4AndrewBloggerTry again
6ManuelFE.comTry again
7flykidFE.comTry again
9sdriver1FE.comTry again
10kittlehunterFE.comTry again
11T-RoutFE.comTry again
12WalleyeGuyFishingMNTry again
13gringoWL.comTry again
14trappingaddictionFishingMNTry again
15bhunt63WL.comTry again
16BrookfieldAnglerBloggerTry again
17moose-hunterFishingMNTry again

Update 7/4/2011 - On vacation visiting family and will have the drawing on July 8th. Stop by again.

Here's a picture of a walleye caught on the orange Armadillo with the worm harness.
 Here's an assortment of some walleye spinners up for grabs.

Comment the blog post to enter the drawing - if you enter as anonymous, leave a forum and ID or email addr.

From bottom
1/5oz Siver White and Red Glass Armadillo - Double hook rig
1/8oz Orange and Gold Glass Armadillo - Crawler harness
1/8oz Worm Bling - Gold Prop with prism eyes on glass - Crawler harness
1/8oz Worm Prop - Double hook rig

Need some Walleye pictures, btw!
3Trout MageeBlogger