Friday, May 13, 2011

Zonker Hardware

Just reduced prices on Angle Iron spinner baits by 45% thru the end of May!

My son Ben said "Lets move these zonker baits". So, when Ben sets the course, I turn the knobs. $10 bucks a piece - find the blog reader discount code to sweeten the pot by another 20%.

These are hand-tied 1oz spinnerbaits made in Colorado. The fluid zonker strips look like leeches, crawlers and other types of bait. They're catching bass, pike, big trout and most other hungry fish, even being fished for Muskie.

Here's a few pictures - more colors on the website.

My favorite is this black and gold version.

Here's another beauty.

Just can't stop myself, here's a couple more.

Ok, last one. There's a few more colors over in the Fish Creek web store

Noise on the Line!

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