Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pack of Glass Armadillos

This model Armadillo spinner uses alot of faceted glass.

Glass is made from sand, highly reflective and available in an almost endless variety of colors.

The glass is well protected by metal discs. The discs contact the spinners blade during rotation, not only making vibration, but also acting as mini friction brakes against the glass beads. As the blade rotates and contacts the discs, the discs begin to rotate as well, in turn, causing the glass to rotate and reflect light penetrating the water.

That's a pretty interesting multi-media intruder getting a fish's attention. Even most big fish haven't seen one of these before.

Love this spinner model; F102,F110,F113,F114,F117,F118,F119,F125 are a few of my many favorites to fish. Armadillo MVP goes to F102 or F118.

Here's a few pictures of the glass colors we have available. The spinners rest on top of a chunk of marble we collected during a visit to Marble, Colorado. Same marble used on the Washington D.C. monuments.

A visit to the mine is a pretty amazing adventure by itself, just ignore the several thousand breath taking views to get there!

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See some you like, clicking on the large picture takes you into the webstore to the 1/8oz Glass Armadillo's page.

Large Picture View

Glass Armadillo

Spinner Selection grid
F100 F101 F102 F103 F104 F105
F106 F107 F108 F109 F110 F111
F112 F113 F114 F115 F116 F117
F118 F119 F120 F121 F122 F123
F124 F125 F126

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