Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extremely Toasted Oats

Here's a quick easy snack to try. 8 minutes to make, tastes great. It's kind of like chex mix, but less precise, 4 easy to come by ingredients = easier, IMO.

The beauty of this one is if you want more or less of any ingredient, its real easy to get to your outcome.

Involves just four ingredients; Butter, Worcestershire Sauce, Cheerio's and Salt of your choice.

This is an electric stove scenario - you gas rangers may need to make a few test runs.

Melt 1/2 a stick of butter in a high rimmed fry pan, then turn up up to medium high.

Add about 1/2 cup Worchstershire sauce to the melting butter and heat them up about a minute. The sauce will bubble and smell pungently aromatic (real good).

Then dump a bunch of cheerio's on top the simmering butter sauce, enough cherrio's to cover the bottom and sides of pan to about one and a half inches deep. If things are getting too fast, turn the heat down to medium.

Quickly stir and flip to blend the soaked cheerios into the batch, as the sauce is sucked up and absorbed. Each cherrio seems to have its own limit on how much sauce it will tolerate, so forget about a consistency, try to see how many different sized cheerios you can get!

Turn up the heat to medium high and stir and flip frequently for awhile to continue to get the mix blended.

After around 3-5 minutes, about 1/4 the cheerios's should have shrank and turned dark brown, some to the point of looking burnt which makes it tricky. They might be burnt, if so, turn down the heat. They taste pretty good in either state, btw.

Turn off the burner, let it cool a bit, add a salt of your choice and check it out.

Extremely Toasted Oats improve with age. If you leave any around til morning, that is.

Cherrio's are a good thing to keep in the cupboard.

Extreme Cheerios's - you heard it here!

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