Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream Destination - Sea Trout fishing in Denmark AND

There's lots of places I'd like to go fishing. More I don't even know about.

One destination would be to go to Denmark and go Sea Trout fishing. An online customer from Denmark (Lars) sends me pictures of sea trout he's caught on our Fire Ant spinner.

Based on Lars testimonials and my web searches, Denmark looks like it'sTrout and Salmon fishing is remarkable.

Night Sea Trout Fishing in Denmark. That sounds like fun.

Well, wait a minute! Closer to where I grew up.

Lake Superior is amazingly beautiful. Another dream destination would be going back to the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior.

No wait, Thousand Islands New York sound intriguing

Have another customer on Finger Lake in Castlegar, British Columbia, Another dream destination.

So many dreams, so little time. Marie and I need a road trip,, soon.

Can we reset the clock and be 18 again?

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Unknown said...

Maybe you could swing sabbatical for work? A (fishing) tour would improve your cultural sensitivity and overall happiness which, in turn, would make you a more productive worker and be better for your job.

Those are some great places. I love the north shore of Superior. Thanks for sharing!