Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work on the Net - Y? I blog

Y? I blog.

Truthfully,  I've observed (first hand) that my outdoor experiences are more interesting, sharable and noteworthy then my indoor experiences. Did I mention, less private?

The Spice

There's a passion about my outdoor life and business that seeks audience.

Web design and admin on our website developed skills with photography and HTML, these fueled the fire.

Primitive,  fast,  furious, and exciting.

I began to communicate with other bloggers. They fanned the fire. Why not me?

I've been on the periphery of blogging, as a reader and ghost writer, for some time. I took the plunge and started blogging after an interview with a blog mentor (Ben G) about my desire to launch and expand a US fishing spinner company.

The analogy of a salmon swimming upstream comes to mind.

Fish Creek Spinners swimming through millions of fly fishing anglers, to have some fun, mess around (wink), then die or be eaten by a bear. LOL.

The Slice

I've always said, "It's not real, unless you write it down" tax returns, shopping lists, budgets, business plans, HTML and documentation.

There're plenty of other things "I've always said", but those will be different stories. (was the use of there're a blogging sin?)

Blogging fuels creative energy; that passionate fire in your belly - crackling and igniting your brain into action - sending ideas out your fingers to the waiting keyboard, sparks that - for a moment - glow on the web, then expire into the archive..

The game changing web platform is a mighty big slice. A worldwide - sharable - persistent chronology. Now thats something to excite and scare the living crap out of you.

Work, on the net - I tie a good knot, but prefer stainless wire

Yep, blogging provides opportunity, but if you ask me, it does put the work in netWork!

A point in time snaphot (literally and digitally), or a written reflection. A persisent record that the pressures of day to day life will avoid, comes with a cost in effort. "It's a great life, if you don't weaken".

With luck and an audience, a post just might stimulate or influence a reader response.

Shared feelings on common ground,  now that's some powerful building blocks;  essential stuff, the core of relationships. Life is a relationship business. A network - Thank-you OBN!

Or on the flipside, could it be that - Business is a life of relationships?

Alternative spinners

It's my opinion that the popular, albeit legacy, fishing spinners we've seen a million times (so have the fish, btw), are dominated by foreign companies for no good reason, other then history..

We work hard to offer alternative products, they look different and sound different. A reader recently commented, "You can't find these at Walmart". Thank-you thank-you, thank-you, you get the message. Our brand expands, cast by cast - one angler at a time.

I'll write about that and anything else on the ragged edge of my outdoor interest areas. Places and topics I wander into with the inclination to share.

I believe FCS can be a change agent, a shift away from the way it's been. Like fly-fishing, only with different shiny stuff.

Lots of small steps, we're small, friendly, and adaptive.

Jobs are important to self esteem. They define our standard of living and future. At some point, you realize you need to eat your own dog food. 

If we ship jobs overseas, our standard of living stalls and deteriorates, we don't feel good anymore. Networks are interesting; Net  =  Work is essential.

So that said, as we grow, outdoor jobs will follow. Build it, they will come.

Our adventure's underway and a bearing point is set.
Read about our agonizing (yet mildly interesting) post by post, cast by cast journey - Here, on the 'Noise on the Line' blog.

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