Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Underwater sound recordings - Noise on the Line

Fish Creek Spinners - Put some noise on your line

All fishing spinners make noise and vibration during rotation. We hear, fish sense vibration.

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I contacted a sound specialist in Vancouver, B.C. Cold Gold Contact Microphonesto record the sound profiles of our fishing spinner models. I hope you get some referrals Liane! I've included a few flash videos of the models in this post.

You can hear more on the Fish Creek Spinners Noise page.

The more components contacting the spinners center wire, the more noise and vibration caused as it travels through the water.

The rotation of the blade generates turbulence. Different shaped blades travel through water differently. Propellers are different then other blades that use clevises  like Willow blades, French blades, Colorado blades, Indiana blades, or Fluted blades. Each of these blades have different depths to their cupped underside and behave differently; some spinning wider and slower, others closer to the spinners body and faster.

Inline blades, although oval, rotate on the center wire like propellers.

Blades collide with other components as they rotate and different sounds and vibrations are generated. Territorial fish notice all this foreign water activity, possibly responding toward an aggressive intruder. In any case, for some reason, the vibrations and noise excite them, causing a chase and strike response.

Seems the flash recording script has disabled in Blogger. Please go to the FCS website noise page to listen to the recordings - link below!

Here's a few samples. You can hear more on the Fish Creek Spinners Noise page

To listen to the sounds, Click and hold the knob on the slider and slide it to the right to activate your speakers.. The Slider bar is the small line located to the right of the three colored 'On/Off' control buttons. Once the slider bar is positioned, use the triangle to start replay and the red square control to turn the recordings off. Each recording needs to be controlled individually and will interfer with each other.

One more thing, these are recording loops. You'll notice the repeating pattern at about a 4 second interval, this was done to reduce file sizes and improve flash file load times.

All the spinners stacked on this page, have their volume control slid to the left (top center in each block) to avoid them competing with each other. After hearing a few, you can Refresh the browser page to silence them or manually turn them all on to listen to the rain storm!

It should be noted that spinner recordings have been known to cause other parties in the room to get up and leave. That might be a good thing or not, just sayin...

The first couple recordings are our flagship design, the Armadillo. Although there are a few Armadillo models of different weights, they all use metal contact discs as spacers between glass or metal beads (like the armored bands of the Armadillo). Each different type component, in this case, glass or nickel sounds differently and can be differentiated in a hydrophone recording.

Here's the Swing blade glass armadillo recording. Chattering noise profile caused by the blade. Swing blades spin faster and closer to the body, colliding and causing friction against the contact discs.


Now the metal armadillo recording. No glass on this one. Listen and you'll notice the contrast. The metal armadillo has a sharper, more metallic chatter.

Here's our little Fire Ant ultralite - this one surprised me. Two small propellers and a couple of metal beads make a lot of noise. Different noise then the clevis spinners.

Finally here's the Angle Iron. This one purrs like a cat!


Again, you can hear and see many more models on the  Fish Creek Spinners Noise page

Interesting alternatives for your next fishing adventure.

Noise on the Line!

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John Delaney said...

Still need to do the cowbells and Muskie spinners. Liane sent me a hydrophone, I just need to get a DVD or CD recorder.