Friday, March 4, 2011

Home slice sunnyside Jalapeno potatoes for breakfast and Packer games

In addition to spinners, I've been making a lot of hashbrowns for my grandson Eli latey. I've gotten tired of buying them shredded and started nuking them, cooling in frig to have them ready and shreding them for breakfast. Eventually, I decided to try something different and its a hit at our place. Thought I'd share it.

Before the trip, nuke a few potatoes about 10 minutes and chill them in the frig for easier slicing. Bag and throw them, a few jalapeno's and some sliced cheese (I like the Tillamonk sliced) into the cooler.

For breakfast, slice the potatoes about 3/8th inch thick, the jalapenos about 1/8th inch, and quarter the cheddar slices.

Put a few tablespoons of oil in a pan over the camp stove to heat. Then drop in the potatoe slices, letting them fry on one side til crisp. Flip and stack on a jalapeno slice or two and cover each with a quarter of the sliced cheddar. They should be ready when the cheddar drapes over the jalapeno's.

Better start practicing! They're pretty tasty and also good apps for a Green Bay game..


Justin said...

These look great, I'm going to have to try some soon!!

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome!

John Delaney said...

Couple engineering changes - using Gold potatoes makes them creamier - chilling the potatoes is the secret to success before slicing - Season Salt is also a good idea and some pepper.