Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Spinner Drawing winner is....

The winner of the first monthly spinner drawing for February is....


I went thru several iterations of how to do the drawings, then opted for the Keep it Simple Stupid and put everyone's handle name on a business card into a big bowl, mixed up the names, and drew one.

I removed mine and two relative names (sorry Ben and Paul)  from the list and added a couple of email requests from New Mexico.

Here's a demographic of the participation. (my classifications) based on checking the Follower info. If you want to know which stack you're in, send me a message.

February Spinner Drawing entries Click to Enlarge
BlazerShane, Congrats! Send me a message with your shipping address. Get'em wet and send me fish story! I hope you find an opportunity to fish them all in Oregon, plenty of species to go after.

Noise on the Line!



Anonymous said...


i never win anything.... :D

Im glad i won something i could actually put to use too :D

Id been having a real lousy day but this turned my frown upside down :) thanks!!!

Ryan said...

Found your blog on OBN. I like it and will "follow" along. :)

the Average Joe Fisherman