Thursday, March 31, 2011

favicon.ico - use one?

Have you thought about making a favorite icon for your blog or website?

It's really pretty easy to do and fun. Its iconic!

They show up if you use a favorites toolbar and also show up in the address box when you launch the site (provided you have ability to put it on your sites root directory. If so the browser will use it. Otherwise it's use is limited to the favorites bar or dropdown.

Here's the one I built. Its an itsy bitsy dude, because the address bar and favorites bar are not very tall.

That one is meant to be an abstract noise line. It's not a heartbeat monitor (already been called that). Our spinners have already been called earrings, (been there, done that).  You get a pretty thick skin, just sayin.

Download a free Icon editor, ( should have some) build the icon you wish to have show up. It's fun. There are dimension and size restrictions though. You can search google on favicon and find all the specs and rules.

File it somewhere you can find again.

To replace the Blogger icon just right button the current icon (once you have site listed on the address favoites bar) and go to Properties. There's a change icon button in the dialog box.

Set yours and your done and can admire your handiwork until you decide to change it.

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