Friday, March 4, 2011

Daredevil wanna be's

Twisted and tied up these sweet Alts for a spinner swap. You got it, 5 guys signup, twist up their handywork and send them to a hub (me), for distribution, getting back an assortment of creative fish swag. Its fun.

Here's those spinners

The #5 Indiana's have a bright nickel finish on their backside. By looks of photo, I need to get out the jewelers rouge or at least wipe off some dust!

1/5oz, 3inches long in red and white match the hatch faceted glass. Two strategically placed friction discs for noisy vibration against that nickel backside. Hand-tied red bucktail on the #8 trebles.

 Not sure of the color for trout, Think a Pike will chase these? I twisted them on .035in. wire.


BrookfieldAngler said...

I think the pike would hit those. Here in Illinois, they seem to love inline spinners and daredevils. I think combing the two is a great idea and something I would personally love to try

Anonymous said...

Those look like steelhead killers! I dont know if i can win again but if i can. Sign me up!! :D