Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 new ways to catch a Walleye

Crawler haulers and Worm bling

Fish Creek Spinners has been gathering and compiling walleye info, coast to coast. We're getting tips and suggestions, refining and creating new and fresh alternatives. I'm interested in what you think. If you're an angler, take a look and comment. They were built for walleye's but will catch warm water fish like bass,,as well.

They're starting to get interest from Great Lakes guides and Northwest anglers alike.
Here's some insight into the serendipity, sequence, and adaptive evolution within our design process.

A Northwestern bait and tackle shop saw the Propeller Fireants and looking at their current tackle inventory, saw opportunity for a walleye lure. This lead to an adaptation of the Fireant spinner to make it bigger, adding glass and larger propellers and also a new set of hooks then found on a tradional Walleye worm harness.

After getting the hydrophone recordings and listening to the noise coming off the propeller blade models I realized we needed more propeller spinners in the water. As they rotated around the spinners wire, it was a very different noise profile then other inline spinners. Interesting, yet annoying at the same time.

This 2 hook worm rig is my own design. It might be a little too far off the traditional walleye worm harness track, but this double hook setup provides a lip restraint as the worm is threaded on the longer shanked hook and anchored on the small hook to stabilize it The walleye's are waiting for it!

This would make an effective bait harness for plastics or bait on Largemouth Bass.

Next a worm farm in Ontario called looking for business and we ordered some of his aberdeen worm harnesses on 15# mono.

These found homes as alternatives to the rig I set up on the 2 and 4 propeller models and also the glass armadillos.

I still have faith in our bait rig adaptation btw. Maybe it will catch on for Bass.

Finally, the grand finale - 1/5oz Worm Bling - Ta Da!~ This ones a sweet morph  - it has 3D prism eyes on a flat glass bead - a takoff on spinnerbaits. The large propeller provides noisy revolutions when trolling and a tied zonker skirt completes the package. Its strung on the harness leader to accessorize your most excellent worm choice.

Eyes for Walleyes - fish will notice this new intruder.

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