Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 new ways to catch a Northern

New 1/2oz Bucktails fill a gap

We're adding a 1/2oz bucktail spinner to the product inventory. This weight will bridge a gap between the medium category (stopping at 3/8oz) and heavy weight spinner category (starting at 3/4oz).

The spinner will be well received by both pike and trout fishing anglers using medium sized spin fishing tackle.

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Two blade configurations were put together.

The double blade model pictured above has erratic movement as the two Super Willow blades collide with each other during rotation and the two friction discs bookending the bullet weight body. The 1/0 bucktail treble provides drag and buoyancy and allows the super willows to dig in and fan out.

The other configuration has a single willow blade. This blade will ride closer to the body and contact the friction discs causing vibration. These have larger bullet bodies to compensate for less blade weight. They also have a bucktail to create some drag and buoyancy on the 1/0 treble hook.

Here's a few more pictures to get to the 5 new ways (there's actually 11 combinations in the model with potential for more!

Here's a table listing model specifications

Ultralite Weights
Wt ozModelLen InchesSKUsOptions
1/12Nitromite2 1/426Faceted Glass or Plastic beads
1/10Glow Armadillo2 1/44Glow White Blade and 4 Glow tube colors
1/10Sm Metal Armadillo2 1/433Colorado and French Blades - Metal body - Glass tail bead
1/10Fire Ants2 1/410Variety of Propeller colors
1/10Hot Rods2 1/218Double Blades - Gold, Silver, Black or Green
1/10Worm Bling610Gold or Silver props; Variety of Glass and Zonker
Medium Weights
Wt ozModelLen InchesSKUsOptions
1/8Glass Armadillos2 5/827Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/8Worm Props51010 colors faceted glass; Double bait hooks
1/5Metal Armadillos2 1/219Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/5Glass Armadillos2 3/427Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/4Angle Iron2 1/429Gold, Brass, Silver or Black Inline Blades
3/8Metal Steelhead316Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/2Half Ounce Bucktails516Double Blades - Gold, Silver - Colored Willows - Colored Bucktails
Large Weights
Wt ozModelLen InchesSKUsOptions
3/4Early Season Bucktails52412 colors - 4 Treble sizes - Multi Bucktail colors
4/5Dinner Bell Discs62412 colors - 4 Treble sizes - Multi Bucktail colors
1Muskie Spikes5 1/22412 colors - 4 Treble sizes - Multi Bucktail colors
1Dinner Bell Prism6 1/22412 colors - 4 Treble sizes - Multi Bucktail colors
1Dinner Bell Squid72412 colors - 20 Skirt Varieties - Stainless Single
1Cousin It82412 colors - Double Silicon Skirts (Call for Picture)

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