Wednesday, February 16, 2011

South Platte River spinner fishing below Deckers, CO - Video

Fishing South Platte - Deckers, CO

Here's some footage from a fishing trip with my grand-daughter Sable. We were using 1/8oz Armadillo's. The Platte is a great great great river to wade. It's a tailwater from Cheeseman Reservoir and the bottom is sandy gravel and easy going (for the most part). Gill trail excluded in that statement, btw.

This trip the river was a nice flow and it was a beautiful low humidity sunny Colorado day. Judge for yourself
Excuse my photograpy skills. I used a Gopro handsfree camera on a chest harness. I'm still learning to use it and tend to miss the shot miserably on any closeups of a catch (it doesn't have a viewfinder, hoping to compensate with the fisheye lens. I plan to perfect my skills this year.

Music - Jerry Jeff Walker - Great Gonzo - London Homesick Blues - written by Gary P. Nunn e.g. I want to go home with the Armadillo!

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I believe that is Gary P. Nunn doing London Homesick Blues.