Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexy new Spinner - Cousin Itt or not?

This one's a beauty if I say so myself. It's our biggest spinner to date, weighing in at 1 3/4oz and 8 inches in length with a stacked #2/0 treble hook hidden in the skirts.

It may look like a propeller head Cousin ITT to some, but to a Muskie, Pike or Steelhead, she's a sexy cancan dancer!

I'm sure we'll get them over 2 ounces in coming months. This is the first, Numero Uno.

It blade is a #7 Gold fluted Willow (a big dog). The body is made of black bullet weights and gold separator discs. It's a real cancan dancer with two 8 inch silicon starflash skirts, one white with gold fleck and the other black with silver fleck.

Its a nice new edition to our large spinner category. Probably make a hundred or so, so its a limited edition. Get em while we got em.


BrookfieldAngler said...

oh that's sexy!

Anonymous said...

i could see a big bass hitting it too.