Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Spinner Drawing

Just Follow the Blog to enter 'monthly' drawings!

Blazershane wins the February spinner assortment - Goes to show you, it pays to be feelin lucky! 

Get'm wet and send me some fish pics!

Easy? Well maybe not. I'm new to the game and have added a bunch of things called gadgets in hopes of you getting your mugshot in the grid - Follower - as I understand it.

Once there, I hope I can send you an email notification of your esteemed status (should you win). If that doesn't work, I'll post a comment with the followers name, hoping to get an email from you with mailing information.
To follow, Try this - Add to Google Reader or Homepage
or this, send me an email- - asking to be included. Also provide some handle/ID thats suitable for posting as a comment notification, should you win. Note: Emailed posts are pnly valid for the current month drawing.

Back to topic at hand

Big Splash drawing and great odds for the few, the brave BFFs! Maybe a $50 value. Be brave, tell your friends to sign on and lower your odds!

Hmmm. not much of sales pitch, was it?

Be nice to get some more FCS interested parties, though!

1oz White Dinnerbell Squid (New) - Salmon, Pike, Muskie
8/10oz Red and White Early Season Dinnerbell (New) - Salmon, Pike, Muskie, Trout
3/4oz Black Zonker Spinnerbait - Muskie, Pike, Bass, Trout
1/5oz Black Glass Armadillo (New) - Trout, Pike, Bass, whatever
1/4oz Psycho Yellow Bullet (New) - Trout, whatever
1/8oz Fun Fusion Glow spinner (New) - Trout, Perch, whatever


Unknown said...

They look great John, anyone would be happy to have those lures in the tackle box.

John Delaney said...

Feelin lucky? Get your mugshot in the grid!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling lucky!!! :D

Mark said...

Heard about your blog from Mike at Troutrageous!, I've always wanted to catch a fish on a spinner.:)

Russell said...

In-line spinners are great and so versatile. I've caught just about every kind of fish that swims around here using a spinner. I bet yours work even better than the Rooster Tails I've been using. I look forward to reading more from your blog.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I came over from Troutrageous.....our hunting season just wrapped up so we are patiently waiting for fishing to start. I hope I get lucky with these so I can rub it into Rambobs face that I have some spinners he doesn't have ......and I'm not sharing!

I like what you are writing on your blog.....I'm glad Mike promoted it so I could find it!

Anonymous said...

ok John, count me in on the drawing..gotta restock..LOL

Nontypical Pursuits said...

Very cool giveaway and nice looking spinners! Perfect for kayak fishing in my local lake...Bass, musky, perch, crappie

Anonymous said...

Hi, John.

Just put my ugly mug up on your followers grid. Would love to try some of your spinners on these Idaho trout and bass.

Justin said...

Hey John.. Great looking spinners!! And great idea.. I'd love to test some of these out on the trout around here in WV..