Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colorado Trout fishing with Fish Creek Spinners

Trout Fishing pictures are from Boulder Creek, South Platte River, Zirkel Wilderness Beaverponds, Yampa River, and Colorado River. Thanks to my sons Will and Ben and their buddies for the pictures (I did catch a few!)

Brown Trout, Rainbows, Cutbows, Cutthroat and Brookies.

South Platte Gill Trail - Rainbow - Black Zonker Spinnerbait

Boulder Creek - Brown - Black Armadillo

Boulder Creek - Brown - Black Armadillo

South Platte - Brown - Black Armadillo

South Platte - Brown - Red and Orange Armadillo

Zirkel Wilderness - Cutthroat - Blue Armadillo

Boulder Creek - Brookie - Red and Orange Armadillo

Colorado River - Brown - Red and Orange Armadillo

Colorado River - Brown - Blue and Gold Armadillo

Colorado River - Rainbow - Blue Armadillo

Yampa River - Brown - Red and Orange Armadillo

Boulder Creek - Cutbow - Red and Gold Armadillo

Yampa River - Brown Trout - Black Armadillo

Zirkel Wilderness  Beaver Pond - Cutthroat - Black Armadillo


treerat said...

nice looking trout

John Delaney said...

Hi Frank. Got to say that the PA Trout pictures caught on your spinners, kind of dwarf these.

treerat said...

I catch a lot of small fish too. The little ones just show how healthy a stream is . Pa has cut back on stocking and some streams have actually benefited from less stocking .

Mountian man said...

Ive been fishing for trout now scene November of last year testing lures and colors. I have cough most of my browns and rainbows on Mepps inline spinners, dark green with a brass blade, all chartreuse 1/6 to 1/4 weight also will bring up fish from the holes with a hard hit that always lands a fish . In my opinion they are the best spinners for Colorado rivers and streams, followed of coarse by Panther Marten spinners another great lure. I switch back and forth between the two and try different colors but ALWAYS go home during season with fresh fish.

John Delaney said...

Not mine, to each his own.