Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bass Fishing with FCS Armadillos

Often Overlooked - Bass fishing with Spinners

Spinners are often overlooked as Bass lures. FCS Armadillos are catching Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Rockbass nationwide.

I've caught Bass on the black Armadillos, the Red Armadillo's, AngleIrons, and Red and Orange Armadillo. Medium weight spinners for Bass

Something I've tried with success in really stained pond water, was to skewer a fluorescent 1 inch long zonker strip on one of the treble barbs. It seemed to show up and improve the strike and it was easy to swap colors.

This year we've added zonker spinnerbaits. Here's a link to them in the webstore. 1oz Zonker Spinnerbaits

Here's some of those Colorado Bass pictures

Pond Pumkinseed with skewered zonker Armadillo

Pond Largemouth with skewered zonker

Pond Largemouth with Black Armadillo

Pond Largemouth with skewered zonker

North Carolina Drift River Smallmouth

Pennsylvania Rock Bass

Pennsylvania Smallmouth


William C. Garcia said...

The Armadillos looks very nice and stylish. Its colors are very light and very important thing is the fish looks quite fresh and have to eat tasty. Thank you for your sharing. Its being more easy if you used fish detector for fishing.

Jack son said...

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