Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spinner of the Week 5/3 - 5/9/15 - Walleye Rigs

This weeks promotion is the Walleye fishing category - 25% off all walleye rigs.

Fish Creek Spinners Walleye rigs

Fish Creek Spinners Web Store Walleye page

Fish Creek Spinners Walleye web page
Propellers and June bug blades - prism eyes - Mustad Slow death spinning crawler hooks

Great time to stock up on a few

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Because the world is round

Lots of setting suns

Here's a few sunset pictures taken after we arrived 12/21/14, just in time for the Solstice. Pictures taken up through the equinox in March. Today the earth has tipped even more to the South, the sun is higher in the sky, and setting farther north on the horizon.

Christmas Day 2014

New Years day 2015

January 9th 2015

January 25th, 2015

January 30th 2015
Took a break - Sunset overload

February 27th, 2015

March 4th, 2015
Couple sunrises to add to the mix

Sunsets on Ice - pictures taken from a road over the lake

Ice off

Ronan Creek entry to Lake Wisconsin - Ice off March 27th - taken from Whalen Grade

Ice off April 11, 2015
Time for a Camp fire!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spinner of the Week - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo's

Whew, it's been a while since my last post. We moved the business and family to Poynette, Wisconsin - to a bluff overlooking an expanse of Lake Wisconsin.

Nice sunsets - stay tuned for more on this!

Moving the spinner business was a large undertaking - first - 'carefully' packaging hundreds of thousands of small components. Did I mention how heavy hundreds of thousands metal and glass parts are? My knees grow weaker, just thinking about it.

I think I can - I think I can

I've also been forced to rebuild the web store on a new product - Magento - busy, busy, busy. The new store does offer some interesting new functionality - just looks different and was a lot of work to learn, migrate, and re-launch.

Fish Creek Spinners Store front

Size and Type Category dropdowns

Ultralite Cateory Screen shot

Anyways, getting back on track, this weeks Spinner of the Week is the 1/8oz Glass Armadillo. Each Spinner of the Week will have a 25% price reduction applied when you put them in your cart. In this Armadillo's case it comes down from $3.50 to $2.63 each. Not a bad deal. If you order other models, there's a FCSStore015 discount code you can apply during checkout for 25% off on other spinner models.

Great time to buy some new fishing swag!

Can't keep my fingers out of the weeds today! -

One time, back in the day, a single box full of components crashed out in the driveway at 6 a.m.

My motive was going to be to make custom - while you wait - spinners at the Mile High Flea Market - Stimulate sales and make a lot of money - haha. more like passing the time in the hot sun. In any case, a trip to the flea market starts early with packing the car.

The new box of components upset my routine, it got balanced precariously on top some other highly seasoned box, that had a weak side... got the picture? Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc, I walk to the car to make space - Crash -  major fracture to the peaceful silent Sunday morning dawn.

Then the driveway came alive with motion as ever vigilant gravity pitched in. Runaway spinner parts headed down the concrete driveway, back to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

Since I had just reached the back of the car, they got a head start. Thousands of 'small'  parts rolling down the driveway, then curb.. Not a pretty sight or sound.

Anyway, multiply the box by a hundred and stack them up on a moving van.

Happy to say all arrived intact. Then unpacking and reorganizing/rebuilding a new setup. In any case, it took some time and that's another story.

Time to relax

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Discount Fishing - a must visit for any Angler!

Mike decided to restock the Fish Creek Spinners, so I loaded up a bunch of bins of 3 packs and headed down to Discount Fishing - Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO.

Discount Fishing Storefront

I always get excited making the trip. I gotta say that it's a must visit for any fisherman. Talk about Angling sensory overload. There's something very special about the place, cultivated over years and years of Colorado fishing.

Here's Mike pricing some trolling cowbells (older picture - I missed running into Mike this trip)

Mike Pricing FCS trolling cowbells (in front of the Fish Creek Spinner rack)

Here's the FCS Real Estate today.

Fish Creek Spinners at Discount Fishing - Santa Fe Drive - Denver, Colorado

I've got to hand it to Mike, he knows how to build a good team. His staff's outstanding and always helpful. You have questions they'll take the time to get answers. Need to find something, they know where it is, including fish and fishing locations.

Where to catch what, and what to use to catch them.

Wander around and enjoy the tradition, bring a friend or younger fishing partner. Take my word for it, it's rewarding time you'll not find in very many places.

What can beat a bag full of new fishing tackle?

Well.. maybe a couple Fish Creek Spinners in it, would be worth a try - Get'em Wet!

The guys I met today, are a great asset to the business. They're anxious to help and you'll usually find them paired with a customer answering questions and communicating about fishing.

Caught a break and took a couple quick pictures.

Austin Parr and Brad Douglass - two of the Discount Fishing staff
Take that time, when they're busy, to wander around and check out the place.

Sure is a feast your eyes; all the products, techniques, tackle and fishing tradition. Lots of tackle!

Don Guaydacan finished ringing up a customer order

In my opinion, Discount Fishing is a must stop for any fisherman that needs to charge his batteries and maybe part with a Ben Franklin or two!

Unlike the plastic outdoors mega marts, this place has 'true' character. Years and years of angling history hanging around to be figured out and enjoyed.

The business occupies a pretty good sized space and it's filled with tackle and gear wall to wall and top to bottom. It's on the floor, it's on the ceiling, it's on the walls. And guess what? The walls seat a near endless array of pegboard displays that pivot and swing from side to side, each side covered with tackle and gear.

Did I mention the pegboards hang from walls, also covered from floor to ceiling with fishing tackle and gear?

If you want some reel fun, Discount Fishing offers Guided trips

  • Chatfield Reservoir Walleye Guided Trip
  • Private water Trout Fishing Trips 
    • All on the Rocky Mountain Angling Club waters

Austin Parr was nice enough to send me a few pictures, the walleyes fresh off the water this morning.

Austin Parr and a couple Chatfield Reservoir Walleye beauties - lots more caught, btw
The ride!
Nice Brown Trout 

Awesome! Just Sayin!


Don't be in a hurry when you stop, there's just 'too' much take in!

Wander around, get in the zone.

I usually walk out with a tackle buzz - Just sayin! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Honor and Duty

He died young at 55.

My kids never knew him.

I think of him often, especially today.

Four Brothers, all from Illinois, went to war overseas. Honor and Duty.

Dad didn't talk or tell war stories, so much of this is fragmented reconstruction.

Dad the youngest, he left high school to enlist. He lied about his age to join at seventeen. He saw the end of the war in Europe.

John, the oldest brother and my namesake,  came back damaged by shell shock - PTSD. I can only imagine the horrors he dealt with, mission after mission in the thick of it. He made it back but disappeared, Rumored to have committed suicide. He was never found, leaving a wife and son without a dad.

Delmar, the second son,  joined early in the war and was an Army ranger, a paratrooper. He parachuted out of silent gliders, special ops behind enemy lines, and was killed on one of his missions.
Walt and Dad, made it back. Steel in their hearts, fearless and cocky. Both self-medicating with alcohol their entire lives. Both raised families, Walt in Illinois, Dad in Wisconsin. Dad met mom in Peru,IL while she visited her half sisters in Illinois, Doris and Beulah. They lived in Peru and La Salle. Both married to other vets. Doris and Leo, Beulah and Lou. Dad had two sisters Millie and Dee, they also lived in Illinois. All had kids and families.

Because he was youngest, Dad saw the end of the war. He was a tail gunner on a mobile unit jeep and I can only imagine the destruction he witnessed, sitting on top that jeep, a target as they crossed all those borders. He got some medals and was wounded by his own bullet. When ordered to disable some German vehicles, shooting out tires and generally messing them up, a bullet ricocheted and hit him in the leg. He got a purple heart for the wound.

He brought back war memorabilia. A nazi flag, some German medals, spent shells, and a whole lot of hard ass.

I recall reading an article where his unit transported recently freed Jewish prisoners from an Austrian concentration camp. The living dead. Guessing that was not a fun job.

IMO, we grew up, protected from the outside, but with a whole lot of latent fear on the inside. 

Scar tissue. Living with that fear, makes us strong.

He rolled with the Tanks, miss you Dad.

Friday, May 23, 2014

That thing about bears ...

It's true !

and that other thing about bears

Running faster then the bear

You don't have to run faster then the bear...just faster then the other guy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Early season Brown Trout - Northern Wisconsin run off

High water and cold temps - Rambo fishing!

 This nice brown caught on a 1/5oz Metal Armadillo, proves once again, to catch fish, you got to go fishing!

 Thanks for the picture Bryan, and keep getting the FCS wet!

Northern Wisconsin early season Brown Trout caught on FCS 1/5oz Metal Armadillo

1/5oz Metal Armadillo's

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Got those 'Need your feet wet' blues?

Time to cattle prod those "get your feet wet" nerves!

First, some Dashboard views! Getting there is half the fun - Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton

Gopro videos from Zirkel Wilderness - Beaver Pond fishing with Fish Creek Spinners

South Platte Gill Trail- Nice flow and gravel bottom - Canyon chutes and rushing narrows

Rocky Mountain National Park - Windy Fall Day in the Park

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spinner of the Weekend Drawing - 2+oz Musky Skirted Armadillo - Perch pattern

Large 2+oz Musky Spinner - Skirted Armadillo about 9 inches in length.

Heavy .051 in gauge wire - .040 gauge Fluted Indiana blade

Double silicon skirts and zonker banded #3/0 treble hook.

Comment the blog post to enter - if using Anonymous, you need to list an email so I can contact you should you win. Drawing is running on the blog, Facebook and Google Plus

Good luck!

Fish Creek Spinners Weekend drawing - comment the blog post to enter

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spinner of the Week 4-2-14 - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

This unique Spinner model has been our flagship design from the beginning.

Faceted Glass and noisy Friction Discs, make this spinner a unique alternative and great addition to your tackle collection.

My favorites are the Swing blade spinners in the upper number ranges. The Fluted Indiana's all work great, just a thing about that Swing blades behavior I guess. Here's a few pictures and a link to the web store.

Glass Armadillos in three sizes (1/8oz,1/5oz, and 1/4oz), just happen to have special pricing ($1 off) for the next couple weeks, until 4-14-14 - Great time to pick some up or restock for this fishing season!

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo in Store

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo